Gross Domestic Product at market prices (GDPmp) and gross value-added by economic activity

A Agriculture, livestock breeding, forestry and fishing
B_E Mining and quarrying industries, Manufacturing industry, supply of electrical energy, gas, steam and air conditioning, water supply, Sewerage, waste and decontamination activites
F Construction
G_J Whole sale and retail sale, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, Transport and Storage, hosteler, Information and Communications
K_N financial and insurance activities, real statte, professional, scientific and technical activities, administrative and support services activites
O_U Public Administration and defense, Compulsory social security, educational, health and social care, Arts, Recreation and Entertainment activities, repair of households goods and other services

GDPmp and gross value-added by economic activity (economic activity added value/Total gross added value)

Units: thousands of €

Source: Spanish National Statistics Institute  (INE) (Spanish Regional Accounts).
Date of Consultation: 22/11/2019