Socioeconomic and demographic Information

The main goal of the Ourense Economics Observatory (OUEO) is to collect and to organize the most relevant socioeconomic and demographic information, from the whole province of Ourense and from its different regions as well, with the overall objective of enabling the diagnosis and the analysis processes of the evolution of its economic reality.

Reality-reflective Indicators

Through a set of indicators that reflect the reality and the demographic and socioeconomic evolution, OUEo allows to understand the specific situation of each territory at every moment; becoming a useful tool which builds up the planning processes of the future actions through different social agents and the evaluation of the impact of the developed actions.

Continuous Updating 

In the current context, in of a changing reality, it is often necessary to do some continuous settings adjustments, which require to re-think about contents, forms and data diffusion processes. As an answer to this challenge, OUEO provides a permanent update, working developed to ease the indicator consultation process made by any interested person or social/economic agent.

We reflect the reality and its evolution 

Through the regular publication of indicators with province and county data.

That allows us to understanding what is happening 

Being the mean of analysis and understanding the specific situation of each territory and its specific time context.

Through continuous updating 

This allows facilitating the opportune diagnosis of the situation in the right moment.

Planning and Measurement  

Allowing the creation of future action planning process of the different social agents and evaluating their impact.